The ecosystem of the group

Lab members!

Dharanish Rajendra (PhD student)

Małgorzata Fic (PhD student)

Dana Lauenroth (PhD student)

Axel Arango Garcia (Postdoc)

Chaitanya Gokhale


Saumil Shah, 2024



Leonardo Oña, 2024

Christo Morison, 2024

Linh Phuong Nguyen, 2023

Javad Mohamadichamgavi, 2023

Nandkishor Krishnankutty, 2022


Dr. Prateek Verma (Postdoc) is now at the HIFMB in Oldenburg!!



Congratulations to Dr. Maria Bargués i Ribera successfully defended her PhD thesis. Great job and many more successes in the future!!

Dr. Vandana Venkateswaran successfully defended her PhD thesis becoming the first PhD student to graduate through TEcoEvo. Many congratulations and wishing you a lot of success in the future!!

Masters Projects

Gaurav Athreya (Master’s thesis student), 2023

Srishti Patil (Internship, IISER, Pune), 2022

Bachelors Projects

  • Walter Veit (Bachelors project, University of Bayreuth), 2017

Interns and Rotations

  • Nikhil Sharma (Internship, now pursuing a PhD in the Theory Department), 2020

  • Vaibhvi Malhotra (rotation student, now pursuing a PhD at the University of Kiel), 2018