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Latest happenings in the Gokhale Group


2021-08-16 // A very warm welcome to Małgorzata Fic
new PhD student in our group!! Looking forward to some excellent future interactions!
2021-08-09 // New paper by @Prateek
Prateek’s paper on ``A common gene drive language eases regulatory process and eco-evolutionary extensions” is now out in BMC Ecology and Evolution.. Congratulations!!! there are quite a few typesetting issues we see so we refer the readers to the biorxiv version which is also open to access!
2021-06-26 // New paper in JTB
Together with Fabrizio Mafessoni from the MPI for Anthropology and Michael Lachmann from the Santa Fe Institute a new paper on the fitness value of information is now out in the Journal of Theoretical Biology.
2021-03-22 // A very warm welcome to Dana Lauenroth
new PhD student in our group!! Looking forward to some excellent future interactions!
2021-02-12 // Vandana continues to shine from her postdoc - new paper from her PhD is accepted!
Vandana’s paper on modeling multiple sexual traits is accepted in Evolution as mentioned by the reviewer ”..such a model was long overdue! Congratulations!!
2021-02-04 // Hyejin Park’s paper with Chaitanya and Frederic is accepted in Genetics
Hyejin Park’s fabulous work on the persistence of REPIN sequences inside bacterial genomes with Chaitanya and Frederic Bertels is accepted in Genetics! Congratulations!
2021-01-01 // @Prateek’s paper published in Proc R. Soc. B.
Fantastic work by @Prateek and collaborator got published over the holidays! Congratulations!!!
2020-10-15 // Chaitanya in Toulouse for two months
Chaitanya is away from Ploen for two months on a Visiting Fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study, Toulouse.
2020-08-07 // Long due update and the upcoming eSMB
Summer in Plön is in full swing with lots of swimming in the lakes! Looking ahead to the mostly cancelled conference season, the ECMTB in Heidelberg, merged into the eSMB is hosting our minisymposium on “Eco-evolutionary dynamics across scales of organisation” organised together with Meike Wittmann.
2020-05-26 // Good news in grey times!
Some things to look up to during these Covid times. While the current scientific work in the group is on the backseat, a paper submitted before has gone through mSystems. Thanks to coauthor Jai Denton and the reviewers who found time in these trying times.
2020-05-06 // The group in Cov2
Updates have been lacking but we as a group are doing well!! Currently focusing mostly on well-being and health while helping out with spreading awareness. In the meantime @Prateek has a new publication out on bioRxiv on strategy updating and wealth inequality! Yay!!
2020-03-06 // Congratulations to Dr. Maria Bargués i Ribera
@Maria sucesfully defended her PhD thesis. Great job and many more successes in the future!!
2020-03-03 // Welcome @Nikhil Sharma
@Nikhil is a new intern in TEcoEvo workign at the interface of evolutionary games and antibiotic resistance evolution. Welcome!!
2020-02-27 // @Chaitanya discusses gene drive on
@Chaitanya participated in a podcast discussing #genedrive, its applications and risks involved. Check it out on (in German).
2020-02-24 // Congratulations to Dr. Vandana Revathi Venkateswaran
@vandana sucesfully defended her PhD thesis becoming the first PhD student to graduate through TEcoEvo. Many congratulations and wishing you a lot of success in the future!!
2020-02-11 // PhD position open
One PhD position is open in the group through the IMPRS. The three projects to choose from are listed here
2020-01-16 // Visit to Bielefeld
@Chaitanya visited the Department of Theoretical Biology headed by Meike Wittmann at the University of Bielefeld. Great to talk to the researchers doing wonderful work in theory and experiments in Animal Behaviour. Also, impressive buildings!

2020-01-06 // A Very Happy New Decade to all
The group is back in full force with @Vandana’s fantastic work on the consequences of combining life-history traits which have sex-specific differences out on bioRxiv! Congratulations!!!
2019-12-11 // Paper by @maria in PLOS Computational Biology
Work on eco-evolutionary agriculture by @MariaBargués is accepted for publication. Congratulations!!! Here’s to many more!
2019-12-06 // Celebrating the year!
Had a relaxed evening with some raclette, chats and board games to celebrate 2019 and the awesome science that we enjoyed this year and looking forward to a wonderful new year ahead.. Many more adventures to come :)
2019-09-25 // BfN meeting at the MPI
The Bundesamt fuer Naturschuetz, who fund the gene drive project in the group were visiting the Institute. @PrateekVerma gave a fantastic talk that was appreciated by all present! Bravo!
2019-09-18 // Move to the “Pink Residence”
The T-Eco-Evo group has successfully moved in with the rest of the Theory Department (Group of @JennaGallie still away :( ). Looking forward to the deeper interactions while keeping in touch with the rest of the Institute!
2019-08-29 // Departmental Retreat 2019
Our group participated in the yearly departmental retreat at Schlagsülsdorf - the reatreat was a great success with informal discussions about the workings of the department/institute and the MPS in general.
2019-07-22 // MMEE2019 was a great success in Lyon
@Chaitanya presented his work with @MarcusFrean and @JoeBulbulia on belief: catalyst for cooperation.
2019-06-04 // Breathing Life into Chemistry!
Meeting begins at the MPI today on Breathing Life into Chemistry
2019-05-13 // Welcome @PrateekVerma
@PrateekVerma joins t-eco-evo as a new postdoc focusing on Risk assessment of gene drive systems. Welcome Prateek!
2019-05-03 // @JosefHofbauer and @ChristinaPawlowitsch visit
It was a fantastic visit by excellent researchers @Pawlowitsch talking about evolutionary games back from the p.o.v of economics and the legend @JosefHofbauer discussing costly signaling games. Wahnsinn!
2019-04-01 // @JaiDenton won the KAKENHI grant
@Jaidenton won the KAKENHI grant (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) as a PI for our joint project on Understanding How The Environment Shapes Mutualism. Congratulations!
2019-03-21 // @ChristelKamp visiting from PEI
@ChristelKamp is visiting the group from the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute. Fun discussio nand future project discussions from codon evolution to phage therapy!
2019-02-28 // @Maria visiting Rothamsted
@Maria is visiting @NicholHawkins and others at the Rothamsted Research in the UK to discuss her work on Eco-evo informed Sustainable Agriculture!
2019-02-14 // @ErnestLiu visiting the group
@ErnestLiu from Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute is visiting us for a couple of days. Today he gave fantastic talk about the origin of self-replication.
2019-01-26 // Innovation in Spiders!
Working with @AnneWignall from Massey University @Chaitanya has pushed a manuscript on to the bioRxiv about Portia behaviour!
2019-01-23 // Paper in Life
A review paper with @JaiDenton has been accepted in the special issue of the journal Life on Synthetic Biology: From Living Computers to Terraformation where we define and discuss the state-of-the-art of synthetic biology and its potential uses in mutualism ranging from taking care of Earth to terrraforming Mars!
2019-01-14 // Happy New Year!
After a week in the Philippines for iWOMB @Chaitanya is back in the lab. Also we published a paper in J.R.Soc.Open Science with @HyeJinPark. Great start to the New Year!!
2018-12-10 // Department Christmas Dinner
Had our department Christmas dinner after a nice walk through Prinzeninsel!
2018-12-07 // Vaibhvi finishes rotation
Vaibhvi from the IMPRS finished her rotation in the group. She worked on a fascinating project Nutrition-Immunity relationship in a social context. Good luck to Vaibhvi and hopefully we continue the work in the future!
2018-12-04 // GL Retreat
The group leader retreat took place at Koppelsberg, yesterday and today. Interesting talks and discussion about the ecology and evolution of group leaders and the Institute!
2018-11-15 // Department group picture
We took a new (old) group picture for the department… coming soon!!