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Latest happenings in the Gokhale Group


2019-02-14 // @ErnestLiu visiting the group
@ErnestLiu from Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute is visiting us for a couple of days. Today he gave fantastic talk about the origin of self-replication.
2019-01-26 // Innovation in Spiders!
Working with @AnneWignall from Massey University @Chaitanya has pushed a manuscript on to the bioRxiv about Portia behaviour!
2019-01-23 // Paper in Life
A review paper with @JaiDenton has been accepted in the special issue of hte journal Life on “Synthetic Biology: From Living Computers to Terraformation” where we define and discuss the state-of-the-art of synthetic biology and its potential uses in mutualism ranging from taking care of Earth to terrraforming Mars!
2019-01-14 // Happy New Year!
After a week in the Philippines for iWOMB @Chaitanya is back in the lab. Also we published a paper in J.R.Soc.Open Science with @HyeJinPark. Great start to the New Year!!
2018-12-10 // Department Christmas Dinner
Had our department Christmas dinner after a nice walk through Prinzeninsel!
2018-12-07 // Vaibhvi finishes rotation
Vaibhvi from the IMPRS finished her rotation in the group. She worked on a fascinating project Nutrition-Immunity relationship in a social context. Good luck to Vaibhvi and hopefully we continue the work in the future!
2018-12-04 // GL Retreat
The group leader retreat took place at Koppelsberg, yesterday and today. Interesting talks and discussion about the ecology and evolution of group leaders and the Institute!
2018-11-15 // Department group picture
We took a new (old) group picture for the department… coming soon!!