Group discussion


Schedule for a talk in the group

Feel free to choose your favourite medium/style for presenting your work. However for giving the talk:

  • we meet at 0900 (hopefully in person) and also in zoom (link is in the calendar hybrid format)
  • assume that the audience is totally unaware of your project so choose the topic carefully
  • the timeframe is 30 mins so spilt the time according to your choice but do not overrun
  • if interesting questions or answers emerge during the talk make sure to keep them short given the time frame, one can then get back to the person after the meeting: getting feedback, help and developing connections is definitely the point.
17 September 2021Phuong
10 September 2021Srishti
3 September 2021Małgorzata
27 August 2021Dana
20 August 2021Prateek
13 August 2021Gaurav
6 August 2021Chaitanya
30 July 2021Guest speaker: Jule
23 July 2021Phuong
16 July 2021Guest speaker: Nikhil
9 July 2021Srishti
2 July 2021IMPRS clashing
25 June 2021Dana